Walls of Women Tromsø

For centuries, many stories of ground-breaking women scientists, explorers, artists and the like have been overlooked. In Tromsø, Norway, there is not a single sculpture portraying a known woman. WOW Tromsø is committed to telling their stories by making their murals.

Together with graphic designer at Tank Design Christopher Ide, and architect Berit Steenstrup, we created the first mural of Wanny Woldstad at Nordre Tollbodgate 3 in Tromsø in August 2018.

Wanny Woldstad (1895-1959) was the first female trapper on Spitsbergen and also the first female taxi driver in Tromsø. On top of that she was a writer, a matron (managing several households) and a truly elegant woman. The design is made by Christopher Ide and is inspired by Wanny Woldstad’s complexity.

I initiated WOW Tromsø I 2018 and now work as the project leader. In 2019 the plan is to create two new murals. Each mural will be designed by a different artist. You can follow the project on Instagram and Facebook.