Like Betzy

Visual identity for the exhibition Like Betzy at Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum.

Like Betzy was Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum’s main exhibit for 2019, and showed the works of Norwegian painter Betzy Akersloot-Berg. Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum states: “Betzy  Akersloot-Berg (1850-1922) was a badass maritime painter, island queen and globetrotter who went her own way.” With the design I wished to honor her badass spirit.

Bold letters on a bold painting
Brochure with photo showing Betzy at work
Illustration of Betzy with her mobile atelier
Details of the illustration and a timeline showing highlights of Betzy’s life
together with highlights from the Norwegian and European history
Map showing all the places we know that Betzy visited (dots) next to the places that
Peder (Balke) and Otto (Sinding) visited (turquoise and white line).