I’m a Norwegian illustrator and graphic designer based in Tromsø, Norway. I can help your brand, article or product stand out with tailor-made illustrations and a fitting visual identity.

this is me

I love working with people, bold colors, simple shapes, clever ideas and all things friendly and odd. I am a member of Grafill and NODA – Nordnorsk design og arkitektursenter.

this is you

You believe in: A. Your idea, product or company, B. Our planet, C. The intrinsic value of design.

Current and previous clients include: Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum, Perspektivet Museum, Riddu Riđđu Festival, TANK Design / SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge Polarmuseet, UiT Noregs arktiske universitet, Bukta Open Air FestivalHålogaland Teater / Rimfrost ProduksjonerMin Yoga LofotenTromsø Bed & BooksHK Reklamebyrå / Troms fylkestrafikk

why illustration

Nothing catches our attention more efficiently than a surprising, funny, bold or provoking still or moving image. More and more brands discover how illustration can be used to stand out and connect with their costumers on a more human level. Illustration has the power to turn a boring piece of information into something funny. It can clarify and help people navigate on the internet, in a building, at a festival or in a city.

I can create illustrations for nearly anything you desire, like books, posters, editorial illustrations, wall paintings, products or advertising.

why graphic design

According to research, companies that put an emphasis on design do better than the ones that don’t. Good design communicates your values, builds trust and creates a memorable brand.

My main focus as a graphic designer is to create visual identities or logos for new or existing brands, but I also create online and print, such as posters, brochures and books.

how it works

My aim is to make what you want, and yet surprise you!

Discovery: The first thing we do is set up a meeting. During the meeting I will ask you heaps of questions to develop a thorough understanding of the way you think and what you are looking for. You get a chance to explain what you need, what you, your product, service or idea is about and which message you want to convey. You can also share examples of designs you like and dislike. Together we will agree on the specs, schedule and project milestones. After the meeting you will receive an e-mail with a summary of what we agreed on, all to make sure that we are truly on the same page.

Design: I will now sit down to further study your needs and start crafting a purposeful design.

Presentation and review: The designs will be presented to you in a meeting where I will talk you through the design and the choices I have made. You can make notes of elements within the design where you’d like to request revisions. After the meeting you will receive an e-mail with a summary of any changes we agreed on.

Refinement: The final design will now be adjusted and refined, and then reviewed one last time before it is prepared for release.

Launch: Tadaa! The design is ready for use.

let’s talk

I love new projects. Let’s get together and create something nifty!

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